Let a master motivator inspire you to live life with excellence and . . . passion!

Teacher. Choir director. Pursuer of excellence. Master motivator.

All describe John D. Beck, director of choral music of Michigan’s Escanaba High School for almost 40 years. In those nearly four decades as a music educator, John has led thousands of students to grow musically and as people. His choirs and smaller ensembles routinely achieve first division ratings at state-level festivals, and a number of his groups have been chosen to sing in the prestigious Michigan Youth Arts Festival. His commitment to musical achievement and personal growth led to John’s colleagues choosing him to be director of their State Honors Choir in 2014.

In That Was Called Passion you’ll experience John’s motivational wisdom as captured by one student throughout four years of intensive and rewarding rehearsals. You’ll soon see that much of what John says to encourage his students is not merely about music, but about living a meaningful life as well. Pick a page at random or read from cover to cover: either way, John Beck will inspire you to live with excellence and .  .  .  PASSION!

Net proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit the performing arts students of Escanaba High School.